"We don't forget" - Rasha Eleyan


Our hearts are broken, we've used our voices, our platforms, our hearts, what more can we do? Make dua, do not stop talking about Palestine. MAKE DUA, keep making dua, making dua to Allah (swt) for the alleviation of pain and suffering experienced by our brothers and sisters and the children of Palestine, OH the children of Palestine, we have truly failed you. How we are deeply sorry, we are raising our hands for you every single day. Allah (swt) is near. Every one of those children was somebody's everything. "SHE'S MY SOUL, the soul of my soul." Heart breaking. The strength of their Iman is so strong, they put their trust in Allah (swt). May each of our brothers and sister, and children be at the highest level in Jannah, InshaAllah. 

The Quran teaches believers the significance of empathy and compassion, urging them to pray not only for personal well-being but also for the welfare of the entire community. When we face challenges and hardships in life, we turn to Allah, seeking His mercy and intervention to ease the pain endured by their fellow human beings. This act of supplication reflects the interconnectedness of the Muslim ummah, emphasizing the collective responsibility to alleviate suffering and contribute to the well-being of others. We sincerely invoke Allah(swt) to bring comfort and relief to our brothers and sisters in distress, Muslims express a profound sense of unity, empathy, and a shared commitment to compassion, echoing the teachings of Islam that encourage believers to be a source of support and solace for one another. Continue to use your voices, your platforms, your duas, do not stop talking about Palestine. CEASE FIRE. 

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